Redding Rancheria hopes all Tribal Members, employees and families are safe during these challenging times.
*  The Redding Rancheria Tribal Office and Head Start will be open at 12pm, tomorrow, July 30.
*  The Redding Rancheria Tribal Health Center and Churn Creek Health Care will be open normal operating hours, 7am to 6pm.
*  Redding Rancheria Trinity Health Center will be closed due to lack of power.
*  Management Support training is cancelled. Managers are to be at their work site at their scheduled times.
*  Redding Rancheria employees, if you are unable to come to work, please contact your supervisor as soon as possible.
More information has been emailed to you. When you have access, please read the information provided.
You may also call for additional information and updates. Call 530-242-4562 OR 530-225-6804.
Thank you.

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Redding Rancheria's Vision Statement

Redding Rancheria is a sovereign nation where pride in tribal culture, history and identity is evident internally and in the larger community. We are a leader in the development of our people within our traditional homelands.
The strength of our Tribe lies in honoring our elders, building healthy families and promoting self-reliance in our members. We invest in our youth and adults, knowing that they will create the future with the strength of our ancestors. We empower them with knowledge and skills for a changing world.
We lead by example in community development and diversity provide a secure future for the tribe and contribute to a vibrant economy.
We preserve and celebrate our culture and live the traditions of our ancestors while building a brighter world for generations to come.

Statement from our Tribal Council Chairman


My name is Jack Eldon Potter Jr. and I am honored to represent my tribe in many ways, from committees to being an elected official of the Tribal Government over the past fifteen years and this term as the Tribal Chairman. As I look back thru the years from the beginning until now, how much Indian Country has changed for some. As a Tribal Member, I am truly grateful of Redding Rancheria’s success.

With our continued community involvement and partnerships, we move forward in the future as one of Northern California's leading tribes. We try new things, are not afraid to admit if it did not work, at least we gave it a try and we held our heads high, and continue.

We held a very successful Vision of the Future ten-year planning sessions recently and our RREDCO Strategic Planning and I am confident that we have a strong plan ahead of us for the next decade to come. Together we will reach our goals and beyond.

Being involved tribally and with our neighboring tribes, I believe Indian Country will continue to be an integral and vibrant part of Shasta County.

Jack Potter Jr


Jack E. Potter Jr., Redding Rancheria Tribal Chairman

Redding Rancheria Public Calendar of Events