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Welcome to Redding Rancheria

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Redding Rancheria is a sovereign nation where pride in Tribal culture, history and identity is evident internally and in the larger community. Redding Rancheria is a leader in the constructive development of its people, the larger Indian community and the Redding region.

The strength of our community lies in the honor of our elders, the health of our families and the self-reliance of our members. Members see Tribal resources as opportunities to become educated, contributing members and leaders of the community.

Our community nurtures its youth and prepares them for future Tribal and community leadership with skills for a changing world. Redding Rancheria leads by example in community involvement and stewardship of the land. Diverse economic investments provide a secure future for the Tribe and contribute to a vibrant local economy. Members are actively involved in the development of the Tribe and are leaders and innovators in governmental affairs and community development.


Tracy Edwards, CEO"One of the greatest honors in my life is having served as the Chairperson to the Redding Rancheria for 4 years. It has made me a stronger person, but more importantly, it has reinforced in me the importance of our Tribal government and the people that we serve. It has impressed upon me that the decisions the Tribal Council makes have very strong implications for not only the Tribal members today, but the Tribal members 7 generations from now. The Redding Rancheria Tribal Government is committed to protecting Tribal laws & the rights of Indian people."

Tracy Edwards, Tribal CEO.










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Redding Rancheria 2000 Redding Rancheria Road, Redding, CA 96001
Tribal Administration Office: (530) 225-8979
Tribal Administration Fax: (530) 241-1879
Toll Free: 1-800-479-8979

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