Original Distributees

Original Distributees


The Redding Rancheria holds in its highest regard Tribal Elders, especially the 17 Tribal Elders who we call our original distributees. The 17 original distributees owned land on the Redding Rancheria, commonly known as the "flat", when the Tribe was re-recognized by the federal government in 1968. The Constitution of the Redding Rancheria requires that to be a member of the Redding Rancheria you must be a lineal descendent of one of the original distributees. Over the years many of our original distributees have passed on but we still honor and recognize each and every one of them.

Carole Hayward Timmons

Mildred Rhoades

Arthur Hayward

Lester Sorahan

Katherine Stieber

Laura Hayward

Leona Barnes

Barbara Murphy

Virginia Timmons

Amy Burnes

Dorothy Dominguez

Isgrigg Towndolly

Ellen Silverthorne

Betty Benner

Ruth Philpot

Juanita Price

Gladys Raines