Our Team

Josh Manutai-Member’s Benefits Coordinator

Josh was born in Sacramento, California and raised in Redding. He has been with Redding Rancheria for five years and five months now. Josh is a car enthusiast, fitness enthusiast and loves to travel.

Josh Manutai

  • Favorite power: Speed
  • Favorite hashtag: #moparornocar
  • Inspiration: My family
  • Personal Mantra: Anything in life worth doing, is worth overdoing
  • Word that best describes you: Tenacious
  • Interesting Fact about you: I’m OCD

Polly Gustafson-PRC Specialist

Polly was born and raised in Redding, California. She started working for Redding Rancheria Tribal Health Center almost six years ago in Dental Department before moving to Billing department where she has been for last two years. When she is not at work, you can find her cheering her two kids in whatever sports they are playing. Polly recently got engaged and is planning on having a small intimate wedding next year.

Polly Gustafson

  • Inspiration: My children
  • Personal Mantra: Dollar dollar bills y’all!( Just kidding:) )
  • Hobby: I enjoy hiking, biking and hanging out on the lake as a family.
  • Interesting Fact about you: I’m pretty crafty.I used to make all kinds of clothes/dress-up times for my kids and sold quite a few in my cousin’s baby store.

Britnee Torres-Medical Assistant

Britnee was born in Roseville and raised in Yuba City, California. Britnee is certified Medical Admin, Nurse Assistant and is currently enrolled in Medical Career College for X-Ray technician. Britnee has been with Redding Rancheria since June 2017 and is looking forward to be here for many years.

Britnee Torres

  • Favorite power: Immortality (I feel one human life is not enough to enjoy this world!)
  • Hobby: Going on adventures and site seeing with friends.
  • Favorite hashtag: #ilovetacos, #ilovemyjob, #smile
  • Inspiration: My parents!
  • Personal Mantra: A quote from Maya Angelou “Still I Rise”. I also got this quote tattooed on my forearm for my 30th birthday!
  • Word that best describes you: dedicated and driven
  • Interesting fact about you: I love to Volunteer! As a child my mother would have my sister and I volunteer around Christmas time. We would go to a hall and give out gifts, food, and help with activities for the less fortunate children. I also was a volunteer Fire Fighter for Lake California’s Fire Department for two years. I received that training in Red Bluff at Cal Fire.

Trina Arreola-Quality Improvement Coordinator

Trina was born and raised in Sylmar, California. Trina has been with Redding Rancheria for 13 years and enjoys working here. Trina has been in the medical field for over twenty years. She worked as a Medical Assistant, Phlebotomist, moved in pathology and was a certified instructor at the Everest College.

Trina Arreola

  • Hobbies: Wake boarding and fishing
  • Inspiration: My parents
  • Interesting Fact about you: I attended dance classes tap, jazz, and ballet for most of my childhood years. I also play the piano and took accordion lessons (which I really disliked).

Sean Lemon-Computer Technician

Sean was born and raised in Olympia, Washington. He spent most of his adolescence rollerblading, skateboarding and reading. He recently changed careers to Information Technology and is working as a Computer Technician. He has always had an affinity with computers and networking, his whole family is in the industry. Outside of work he enjoys snowboarding, hiking and spending quality time with his girlfriend and their two dogs (Samson and Stella).

Sean Lemon

  • Favorite power: If I had to have a super power it would have to be Nightcrawlers from the X-Men (Kurt Wagner). The ability to teleport myself, my clothing, and a certain amount of additional mass from one point to another virtually instantaneously.
  • Favorite hashtag: #Nature
  • Inspiration: My family and TED talks
  • Personal Mantra: To accomplish something you have never done before, you have to push beyond your comfort zone, trust your instincts, practice and believe in yourself.
  • Word that best describes you: Resilient
  • Interesting Fact about you: I used to work for the Department of Defense.

Sahaile Kristoffersen- Medical Director,Churn Creek

Sahaile was raised in Crescent City, California. She spent most of her time at the beach or swimming in the crystal clear Smith River during the summer. In regards to her career, Sahaile got her B.S. at UC Davis and then went on to get her D.O. degree at Midwestern University – Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine. After medical school, she completed her family practice residency at Mercy Medical Center in Redding. Sahaile has worked for the Redding Rancheria since 2016. She enjoys hiking, snowboarding, mountain biking, wakeboarding and traveling with her family.

Sahaile Kristoffersen

  • Favorite power: Invisibility
  • Favorite hashtag: I have never used a hashtag :p
  • Inspiration: My children
  • If you would be an animal which would you be: Dolphin
  • Word that best describes you: Outdoorsy
  • Interesting Fact about you: I’m named after a waterfall in Oregon

Alexis Olson-ECE Teacher BA/MA

Alexis is from Redding, California. Alexis graduated from UC Santa Barbara in 2018 with Bachelor’s degree in English and a minor in Educational Studies. She has been with Redding Rancheria Head Start for an year now. Her first teaching job has been at the Redding Rancheria Head Start and she is very happy teaching there. She loves hiking, reading and taking her dogs for walks.

Alexis Olson

  • Favorite power: Teleportation
  • Personal Mantra: “Be in love with your life. Every minute of it.”
  • Interesting Fact about you: I have never had a hamburger before.

Hailee Haroldson-Tribal Receptionist

Hailee was born and raised in Redding, California. Hailee has been with Win River Resort and Casino for over an year and with Redding Rancheria for 8 months now. Hailee has a degree in Hospitality and Customer Service.

Hailee Haroldson

  • Favorite power: Mind reading
  • Favorite hashtag: #tacotuesday
  • Inspiration: Our Native Women in Congress – Sharice Davids and Deb Haaland
  • Personal Mantra: If there was no such thing as change there would be no butterflies
  • Word that best describes you: Patient :p
  • Hobbies: Art, drawing and painting

Gavin Moloney-Registered Dietitian

Gavin was born and raised in Chico. He did BS in Kinesiology from Sonoma State, MS in Nutrition from Bastyr University and is licensed as an Registered Dietitian. He has been with Redding Rancheria for six years and three months. He loves travelling to new places, live music, wine tasting and trail running.

Gavin Moloney

  • Favorite power: Time travel
  • Favorite hashtag: #RdBro
  • Inspiration: I like to find inspiration in music
  • Personal Mantra: Pay it forward
  • Word that best describes you: Eccentric
  • Interesting Fact about you: I’m mostly Irish and British